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Infiniti QX80 Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

The Infiniti auto brand has been dishing out top-notch sedans and SUVs for several years. One such vehicle is the Infiniti QX80, a line it introduced in 2013. This vehicle comes with an array of features and improvements to ensure that the driver and passengers enjoy comfort while commuting.

We will look at Infiniti QX80 prices in Nigeria, the best and worst year makes of this vehicle and some other relevant information in this post.

infiniti qx80 price in nigeria

Infiniti QX80 Prices in Nigeria by Model Year

Infiniti based the QX80 on the popular first-generation Armada. It comes with a very powerful train, great handling, amazing on-road and off-road capabilities, and overall high performance. Over the years, Infiniti has improved on this vehicle to make it one of the best in its category. This section will show you the current prices of the Infiniti QX80 models available in Nigeria.

Brand new (2023) Infiniti QX80 Prices in Nigeria

  • Infiniti QX80: From N47,450,000

Infiniti QX80 2022 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80 Luxe: From N45,315,800

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80 Premium Select: From N46,057,200

Infiniti QX80 2021 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80 Luxe: From N40,000,000

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80 Premium Select: From N42,000,000

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80 Sensory: From N42,800,000

Infiniti QX80 2020 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N33,150,000

Infiniti QX80 2019 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N32,000,000

Infiniti QX80 2018 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N31,500,000

Infiniti QX80 2017 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N25,000,000

Infiniti QX80 2016 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N20,000,000

Infiniti QX80 2015 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N18,500,000

Infiniti QX80 2014 Prices in Nigeria

  • foreign-used Infiniti QX80: From N15,500,000

The Best and Worst Infiniti QX80 Year Makes

Infiniti renamed the QX56 after releasing the 2013 model. The new product, the Infiniti QX80, was not just a new name, it was a rejuvenated machine. This vehicle is far more powerful and efficient than most people think. The Infiniti QX80 has very high reliability and safety scores and can compete with vehicles from other brands in the same class.

Car experts determine a car’s reliability based on its history, forecasted maintenance costs, and overall brand rankings. When one looks at these criteria, the Infiniti QX80 does remarkably well, even though some folks still consider it to be average. Regardless, it is a necessity to find out the best and worst years of a vehicle before purchase. Doing this informs your decision on which model to invest in and to avoid.

The Infiniti QX80 hasn’t been around for so many years, however, we have been able to get the best and worst years of this vehicle. Our choices are based on reviews by previous users, reports and ratings from experts, and extensive market research. Check out the best and worst years of this vehicle below.

Best Infiniti QX80 Year Makes

The best years of the Infiniti QX80 include:

  • 2015 Infiniti QX80

  • 2016 Infiniti QX80

  • 2017 Infiniti QX80

  • 2018 Infiniti QX80

  • 2019 Infiniti QX80

  • 2020 Infiniti QX80

  • 2021 Infiniti QX80

  • 2022 Infiniti QX80

These are the latest in the series of this vehicle, except the newest version, the 2023 model. Of course, we cannot add this model to the list because it is yet to be tested. The reliability of this vehicle has been progressive from the 2015 model to the 2022 model. Infiniti adds an all-new infotainment system to the 2022 Infiniti QX80 along with an updated center stack. Other additions include the wireless Apple CarPlay and 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Worst Infiniti QX80 Year Makes

Easily, the worst year make of the Infiniti QX80 is the first model, the 2014 Infiniti QX80. Not that this vehicle is a bad product in itself, but it doesn’t match the newer versions in its reliability. Also, this model is slightly problematic and has a few engine issues. Of course, the QX56 models had several issues including timing belt failures, catalytic converter failure, and cooling challenges.

Things to Like about the Infiniti QX80

From the earlier part of this discussion, you will agree that the Infiniti QX80 is a pretty reliable piece of machinery. However, the question of why this car is gaining so much popularity will always arise. Why do we love this vehicle so much? Here are some things that we like about the Infiniti QX80:

Powerful engine

A car is only as strong and reliable as its engine. This car comes with a V8 5.6-liter engine that can produce up to 400 horsepower without cylinder deactivation or turbocharging. The engine presents a very high performance and still maintains that old-fashioned grunt associated with SUVs in this class. Its powertrain easily moves the 5,700-pound QX80 with quick acceleration and a lot of reserve power for passing.

Advanced safety features

The standard safety equipment in the Infiniti QX80 includes automatic front and rear emergency brakes, forward collision warning, blind spot intervention, and adaptive cruise control. This vehicle also comes with an impressive 360-degree camera that helps the driver when undertaking tight maneuvers. Lest we forget, there is a rearview camera that allows the driver to see what is behind should passengers or other factors block the conventional mirror view.

Comfortable seats

This car comes with three rows of seats easily making it one of the most comfortable SUVs in its class. Aside from the large cabin space, this vehicle comes with very comfortable seats. The seats lodged in the first two rows are quite large and well-padded making them very comfortable for long trips. While the third-row seats seem quite cramped with little legroom, the seats are covered with top-quality material.


That’s it for Infiniti QX80 prices in Nigeria. This post has also beamed the spotlight on the best and worst models of this vehicle and some reasons why we like this SUV.