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Tesla Cars & Prices in Nigeria (May 2024)

Tesla is a vehicle brand that is taking over the world. This brand manufactures electric cars that come in amazing designs and are recognized for their reliability. One of the biggest selling points of Tesla vehicles is that they are environmental-friendly because they don’t produce emissions. This post will tell you all there is to know about Tesla Cars in Nigeria.

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Prices of Tesla Cars in Nigeria in 2024


Some Popular Tesla Models in Nigeria

Tesla is renowned for investing a lot in its R&D department, hence, it has a wide range of vehicle models on the market. This section will beam the limelight on some of the most popular Tesla models in Nigeria.

Tesla Model S

Car experts will tell you that the Tesla Model S set the foundation for luxury electric vehicles. This model is completely electric and presents the user with a driving range that surpasses 400 miles. The charging duration for this vehicle may take long periods but it retains battery power for long too.

This vehicle presents you with exceptional performance, thrilling but quiet acceleration, firm and comfortable riding, and pinpoint handling. It comes with a hatchback design that aids versatility and the front trunk is an exciting bonus. You will enjoy performing most of the vehicle’s common functions via the yoke (a small, half-steering wheel) that presents you with loads of maneuverability and usability. This vehicle has evolved over the years with the 2022 version coming with amazing upgrades to present a top-notch driving experience.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is among the most popular Tesla vehicles in the country. This model is perfect for speed lovers as it presents swift acceleration accompanied by agile handling. The front seats of this vehicle are very comfortable with loads of leg space. However, many users have complained about the stiff nature of this vehicle’s riding.

The space between the front and rear seats is almost non-existent because of the size of the vehicle. As a result, people who sit here may suffer discomfort, especially if they are tall. The Model 3 features an attractive center-mounted touchscreen. You get to handle most of the tasks in this vehicle via this touchscreen, which can be quite distracting.

Looking beyond this, you should be excited about the autopilot feature of this vehicle. This feature helps to keep the vehicle at a constant speed and in a specific lane. The only flaw of this system is that it doesn’t work with all driving conditions so you must remain engaged for your safety. Other than this, the Tesla Model 3 is a great vehicle to own.

Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is another fully electric Tesla vehicle that is gradually gaining popularity in the urban centers of Nigeria. This SUV shares several similarities with the Model 3, especially in features, equipment, and underpinnings. For an SUV, this vehicle is pretty quick and presents a sports car-like handling.

Some users complain about the stiff ride and distracting control layout, similar to the issues with the Model 3. Charging from empty on a 240V connector can take up to 10 hours. This vehicle is roomier and taller than its predecessor, the Model 3. Because of this, there is more significant space between the front and rear seats. This vehicle comes in two-seat configurations, five-passenger seating, and seven-passenger seating.

Tesla Model X

As expected, the Tesla Model X is a fully-electric vehicle. Car experts label this vehicle as “less practical” and “more showy” because of its attractive design. It comes with falcon-wing rear doors that open and close slowly. One of the main selling points of the Model X is that you can choose from the different seating configurations of this vehicle. They include five-passenger seating, six-passenger seating, and seven-passenger seating configurations.

This SUV isn’t like others where the second row folds when you opt for two captain’s chairs. Because of this, the utility of the Model X is a little compromised. Other than this, the Model X is a very quick car that handles corners nimbly. Another challenge with this vehicle is the pronounced wind noise that can make driving a little awkward. Other than these challenges, the Tesla Model X is a great driving companion that comes with an array of features for an exciting driving experience.

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Unique Features of Tesla Vehicles

Wondering why you should consider buying a Tesla vehicle? Here are some unique features of Tesla vehicles to convince you:


Every Tesla vehicle comes with a “driver assistance system” known as “Autopilot.” The driver can use this feature to enable the vehicle to accelerate, brake, and steer within its lane automatically. Of course, it doesn’t replace the driver’s role, but it is designed to make driving far easier and reduce the risk of accidents.


Around 2019, Tesla added a new feature to its vehicles known as “Caraoke.” This feature allows you to choose from a huge music and song lyrics selection. The good news is that you can choose music in different languages. Would you be singing while driving? Of course not, this feature only works when the vehicle is parked.


Every Tesla model comes with a large touchscreen interface on the dashboard. This unique touchscreen is equipped with several features such as streaming services, live traffic updates, and video games. It also features certain standard features like navigation and climate control, even though these features are not similar to anything else available on the market.

Web browser

Fancy enjoying access to webpages in your car? Tesla comes with premium connectivity and allows you access to a wide array of websites. Again, this feature only works when the car is parked to ensure the driver’s safety. Some of the websites you can access include PLEX media player, Spotify, and Hulu.


That’s it for Tesla cars in Nigeria. This post has shown you some of the most popular Tesla models in the country including Models S, 3, Y, and X. We also discussed some unique features of Tesla vehicles.