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Lexus Cars & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Many people don’t know this but Lexus is the luxury arm of Toyota. The vehicles from this brand range from small sedans to different types of SUVs. This company is also renowned for making all kinds of hybrid vehicles.

These days, more and more Lexus vehicles are appearing on Nigerian roads. It is evident that Nigerians are becoming more interested in the vehicles from this brand.

This post seeks to answer the question, “what are the most popular Lexus cars in Nigeria?” We will also show you a few interesting facts about the Lexus brand in the latter part of this post.  Let’s get started.

lexus cars and prices in nigeria

Prices of Lexus Cars in Nigeria


Some Popular Lexus Models in Nigeria

Below are some of the popular Lexus models you will find on Nigerian roads:

Lexus LX

The first vehicle on our list is the venerable of the Lexus family, the LX. This vehicle falls into the full-size luxury SUV class and it was first introduced in 2008. The LX has a design based on the Toyota Land Cruiser that has hardly changed since its introduction into the market.

It is a full-time 4 x 4 vehicle that comes with an optional third-row seating arrangement. There is only one engine option, the 5.7-liter V8 accompanied by an 8-speed automatic transmission. This vehicle has very high ground clearance making it perfect for on- and off-road movement.

Lexus RX

Experts regard the RX as Lexus’ highest-selling vehicle on the market. This midsize crossover SUV has outsold Lexus’ entire car division. There are two different versions of this vehicle, the three- and two-row versions.

The RX family is a flagship that presents a wide array of sub-models. Two of the most popular vehicles in this family are the RX 450h and the RX 350. The latter comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission that works with either AWD or FWD. You will find many Nigerians purchasing the RX for its handling, easy maintenance, affordability, and fuel economy.

Lexus LS

The LS is the first sedan on our list and it is rightly so as it has been around for several decades. Lexus first introduced this full-sized luxury sedan in 1989, a groundbreaking effort to change the stakes of the company’s sedan product line.

Since its introduction into the market, the LS has grown massively into one of the best-selling vehicles from the company. The newer models feature a 10-speed auto transmission to promise the driver lot of speed. Add this to the attractive design, smooth handling, and interior comfort and you have an exciting luxury sedan on your hands.

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES is another sedan from the brand and it falls into the midsize sedan category. As we have established earlier, Lexus is a luxury brand and this vehicle proves this fact to the letter. The ES is a luxury vehicle that ranks as the company’s best-selling non-SUV model in several countries including Nigeria.

As with most cars from Lexus, you can choose from three different trims including ES 300h, ES 350, and ES 250 AWD. The ES is very popular on the market for its smooth handling, attractive design, safety features, and infotainment system among other factors.

Lexus IS

Lexus IS is an entry-level, compact sports sedan. This vehicle has been around for a while and is in its third generation. The third generation hit the market in 2014 and comes in several trim levels.

This sport sedan comes with an array of features that places it on a high pedestal among vehicles in the same class. It comes in two engine variants, the 5-liter V8, and 3.5-liter V6. Any of these promises high performance while the vehicle itself comes in an amazing design. It might be compact but it has sufficient cabin space for five individuals to travel comfortably.

Lexus NX

Another SUV that is becoming rather popular from the Lexus brand is the NX. This vehicle falls into the compact SUV class and shares its DNA with the Toyota RAV4. So far, there are three generations of the NX with the final generation appearing in 2014.

This vehicle features 6-speed automatic transmission working with a turbocharged 235-horsepower inline-four engine. You can choose any of the hybrid or non-hybrid versions depending on your preference. While this vehicle is quite costly, its other features make it an interesting pick for most Nigerians.

lexus cars price in nigeria

Interesting Facts to Know About Lexus

Experts rate Lexus as the best-selling Japanese vehicle to date. They also regard the company as the fastest-growing in the luxury car class globally. Bet you didn’t know these facts we just mentioned. Hang on for some more interesting facts about the Japanese luxury car brand, Lexus.

The newest major car brand in the world

Many of the luxury vehicles in the world have been in production for a very long time. Most luxury car brands have been in existence since the early 1900s. Lexus isn’t that old. The company released its first vehicle in 1989 even though its first design began in 1983.

Born in a different country

As we mentioned earlier, Lexus is the luxury car arm of the Japanese auto giant, Toyota. This fact makes Lexus a “Japanese car brand.” Interestingly, Lexus products were not available in Japan until around 2005. The company handled its production business in other parts of the world.

Only professionals work on designing Lexus cars

Over the years, Lexus has stood true to the idea of being a luxury brand. Ever wondered why this brand is the best-selling luxury brand globally? This fact should tell you why. The company pays a lot of attention to its quality so it only hires the best professionals to handle design and production. For anyone to work at the Lexus manufacturing plant, that person must have passed all the required tests based on world standards.

Pioneer of 8-speed auto transmission

If you are a lover of automatic transmission, this fact should interest you. Lexus is the first auto brand to introduce 8-speed auto transmission. Today, several other brands use the same tech to make their vehicles faster.


That’s it for Lexus cars in Nigeria. This post has shown you some popular Lexus models in the country. The final section provided some interesting facts to know about Lexus.