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Hummer Cars & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

There was a time when owning a Hummer in Nigeria was a sign of affluence. These cars are known for their high cost and expensive maintenance as well as their ground clearance and off-road capabilities.

Hummer cars are no longer in production. Regardless, the brand still deserves its accolades for gifting us some of the best military-style SUVs ever. Nigerians fell in love with this brand and you will still find Hummers on Nigerian roads. This post will show you some of the most popular Hummer models in Nigeria and some reasons why you should buy these vehicles.

hummer cars prices in nigeria

Prices of Hummer Vehicles in Nigeria in 2024


Some Popular Hummer Models in Nigeria

Here are some of the most popular Hummer models in Nigeria:

Hummer H1

The H1 is considered the first civilian Hummer. People all over the world loved this vehicle for its raw power and off-road capabilities. It could tear through water and climb the steepest terrains.

The manufacturers presented us with five different body styles of this vehicle with the most popular being hardtops, open tops, and wagons. About 12,000 units of this vehicle were produced. The main challenge with H1 is that it wasn’t built for comfort. Regardless, Nigerians still love this vehicle to date and you will still see it on our major roads.

Hummer H2

The first H2 was introduced into the market in 2003. At that time. Most people regarded it as one of the best cars on the market. One of its biggest flaws is its fuel economy. This car consumed fuel like that was all it was designed to do. At that time, it wasn’t a problem since gas prices were quite low and we had a thriving economy.

Another challenge with this vehicle is that it isn’t exactly fast. However, the company corrected the mistake it made with the H1, this vehicle had a more comfortable interior. This is the main reason why it became more popular than the H1. Most celebrities spent loads of money just to get one for themselves.

Hummer H3

The H3 hit the markets for the first time in 2006. It was only produced for four years as the company discontinued the model in 2010. This model is an improvement on the H2 in terms of speed and fuel economy. It didn’t consume as much fuel and moved a little faster than its predecessor.

Hummer did a great job with the engine of this vehicle. The H3 came with a 242-horsepower engine that was strong enough to power the vehicle to climb a 16-inch vertical wall. This vehicle was also more comfortable as it featured leather seats. No wonder it was regarded as the ultimate SUV at that time. It is still one of the best on the market in this class on Nigerian roads.

Hummer H2 Stretch

The H2 Stretch is the limo version of the H2. This vehicle is so difficult to miss, a limo SUV that appears in very conspicuous colors. It may no longer be in production but you will still see it traversing our roads, especially during big events.

Hummer designed it as a bulky transport vehicle to carry about 20 passengers. As one can tell, it is a very comfortable vehicle. The seats are made with leather and it comes with a raised ceiling to give room for an amazing party experience. It was designed exclusively for the VIP club. The infotainment system is another factor that made this vehicle worth every dime.

Hummer H3 Alpha

The H3 Alpha is a version of the H3 that has warmed its way into the hearts of most Nigerians. We can’t deny that this vehicle is no speedster, however, it is an off-road monster. It can drive through any terrain easily, even in the hands of a novice driver.

Experts consider the H3 Alpha as the H3’s luxury edition because of its attractive design. This vehicle comes with a silver bumper and chrome plating. The company also upgraded the steering system to help drivers achieve better precision driving. Beneath the hood is a high-performance V8 engine.

Hummer H1 Alpha

Experts regard the H1 Alpha as the best H1 variant on the market for several reasons. Only a few were released in 2006 but they somehow found their way to Nigerian roads. This vehicle came in hardtop and wagon varieties.

The H1 Alpha is the first of the Hummer vehicles that came with an automatic transmission. This flagship design marked a change in the game forever. It was a huge leap from the original design of the H1. Both the performance and comfort of the vehicle improved drastically.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hummer Vehicle

There are several reasons why Hummers are loved all over the world. The question most people ask is, “why should I buy a Hummer vehicle?” This section will provide some reasons why you should make this investment.


This is probably one of the top reasons why anyone will want to buy a Hummer vehicle. These cars can do anything and perform a wide range of functions. You can use a Hummer as a street car, off-road power vehicle, truck, or towing vehicle. Think of it and your Hummer will transform into what you desire. This is one of the reasons why Hummers carry so much value.

Impressive off-road capability

Nigerian roads are not all smooth, many of them are rough with potholes. Asides from this, there are times when you need to drive over very rough terrains. Not every SUV can handle this sort of pressure. You need a vehicle that you can drive on such terrains without worry. Hummer vehicles tick this box easily. You can drive them on rocky, sandy, or icy terrains.

High resale value

Another reason why you should consider buying a Hummer vehicle is the resale value. When buying a vehicle, you want one that you can sell for almost the same price you bought it. Hummers are pretty durable and reliable. As such, they sell for almost the same price that they were sold for initially.


That’s it for Hummer cars in Nigeria. This post has shown you the popular Hummers in Nigeria and three reasons why you should buy one.