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KIA Cars & Their Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Kia Corporation is a South Korean car company. It was founded in 1944 and stands as one of the largest car companies in the country. But in 1998, the brand was bought by Hyundai Motor Company.

KIA focuses on making automobiles and commercial vehicles. With this in mind, you can find a KIA vehicle in most parts of the world.

kia car prices in nigeria

In this post, we’d be linking you up with the current prices of Kia vehicles in Nigeria. We’ll also reveal other important stuff that you need to know to be able to decide if a Kia vehicle is worth your money or not.

Current Prices of Used Kia Cars in Nigeria

The Demand for KIA Cars in Nigeria

The demand for this brand is high. After all, there are tons of KIA cars on Nigerian roads. Besides, the company’s cars are used as official transport vehicles in many companies nationwide.

Apart from business organizations, many individuals prefer buying a KIA vehicle. When it comes down to it, the brand offers features that make them ideal for various road users.

Popular KIA Car Models in Nigeria

Here are some of the common KIA cars that are found on Nigerian Roads. Besides, there are also available at most offline and online dealerships.

Kia Cerato

The KIA Cerato is a compact four-door sedan. It is also sold as a five-door hatchback or two-door coupe. However, all KIA Ceratos come with incredible specs.

Even if it has a smaller build than most KIA cars, the Cerato can be comfortable for riders. Also, the vehicle does not consume much fuel, especially on long trips.

The first KIA Cerato was produced in 2003. In 2008,  KIA decided to change the name of the model. Today, the Cerato is known as the Forte.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is another popular model from the Korean carmaker. Since 1999, the Kia Corporation has sold this model as a hatchback and sedan. Also, these variants use either gasoline or diesel.

When it comes to space, Rio has enough room for passengers and cargo. On top of that, it promises a comfortable cabin.

Rio vehicles are quite affordable and require little gasoline. Also, the vehicle is easy to handle for new or professional drivers.

Kia Sportage

The KIA Sportage is a compact SUV. Although it might not have a high level of fuel economy, the vehicle is still found in many Nigerian cities.

There are many reasons why people purchase a KIA Sportage. For a reasonable price, the vehicle provides spacious room for riders and passengers. It is also easy to maneuver in tight spots.

Kia Optima

This vehicle might not be as popular as some Japanese models. But it remains one of the most common models in Nigerian cities.

What are the reasons for its popularity? Well, the model can withstand several years of regular driving. Besides, Kia Optima cars boast attractive designs.

The Kia Corporation started making this mid-sized car in the 2000s. Today, most Sportage variants are loved by drivers from across the country.

Kia Picanto

Since 2004, KIA has produced and sold many Picanto cars. Within some time, the vehicle became the official car for a KIA-sponsored racing organization.

The Picanto is another car that is used by many Nigerians. Like most vehicles on our list, the Picanto comes as a small-sized vehicle.

The latest KIA Picanto car enjoys an eye-catching body, a great steering wheel, and enough cabin space. In this model, you can even get a top-class infotainment system.

What’s Special About KIA Vehicles?

As mentioned earlier, a KIA vehicle has enough specs to attract any driver. Now here are the features that make KIA cars and SUVs stand out.

First, most KIA models will not quickly drain the fuel in their tanks. Even if you go on a long trip, this vehicle offers impressive fuel economy. Also, KIA vehicles are comfortable and easy to handle.

KIA cars are cheaper when compared with models from brands like Toyota or Honda. But they usually give good value for money and prove to be worth more than the price they are bought for.

Are KIA Vehicles Suitable for Our Roads?

Even if KIA cars might look small, they show an amazing level of toughness. For this reason, they are suitable for Nigerian roads. However, they might not be durable as popular Japanese brands.

Also, the body is light and might not handle bumps from other road users. For this reason, a KIA vehicle is perfect for areas with good road networks and less traffic.

Who Should Consider Buying a KIA Car?

Are you interested in getting a KIA car? Well, if you meet the following requirements, you should consider investing in a vehicle from this brand.

People on Tight Budgets

Are you looking for an affordable car that has interesting features? Then, you can pick any of the listed KIA models. After all, KIA vehicles are pocket-friendly and feature impressive specs like spacious cabins, luxurious designs, and easy control.

Also, the brand does not require much fuel. For this reason, a KIA vehicle is perfect for keeping cash in your pocket.

People Who Love Comfort

Most KIA cars and SUVs are comfortable for everyone. Some models can even carry up to 5 people. So if you want a  comfortable car, check out a KIA product.

Busy Drivers

Some drivers might not have enough time to take care of their vehicles. If you fall within this category, a KIA car might be the best option for you.

After all, KIA cars are easy to maintain. But you will have to take the vehicle to a certified KIA mechanic.  Moreover, you might spend tons of cash to get original replacement parts.

Learner Drivers

KIA’s affordable prices suits people that want to improve their driving skills. Also, some models can help increase driver confidence because of impressive handling. Thanks to these features, a KIA car is great for student drivers, teenagers, and new drivers.

Lovers of Stylish Cars

A KIA vehicle boasts of a well-built chassis with tons of attractive features. For instance, some models have great color options. You can also get a KIA car with head-turning alloy rims.