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Peugeot Cars & Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

Peugeot has always been one of the most-loved vehicles by Nigerians. Once upon a time, the mark of being affluent was owning at least one Peugeot car.

While Peugeot cars aren’t as popular as they used to be, they are still in contention for the top ten most popular vehicles in Nigeria. This post will show you some of the most popular Peugeot models in Nigeria and why Nigerians love this vehicle so much.

prices of peugeot cars in nigeria

Prices of Peugeot Cars in Nigeria (2024 Update)


Some Popular Peugeot Models in Nigeria

Below are some of the most popular Peugeot models in Nigeria:

Peugeot 406

The Peugeot 406 is arguably the French auto giant’s most successful vehicle in Nigeria since the 2000s. This vehicle succeeded the 405 and presented us with more sophistication, quality, durability, and performance. While it made its debut in 1996, it only became popular in the 2000s.

One reason why we love this car so much is its versatility. At one time, it was part of every convoy because of its balance, smooth handling, and high performance. These days, people prefer it for personal purposes. It was truly designed for Nigerian roads.

Peugeot 607

The Peugeot 607 is a versatile sedan that is used by a large number of Nigerians. This four-door vehicle is used by military officers, government officials, and private individuals for several reasons. It has gained popularity because of the comfort of the interior and the exquisite design of the exterior.

Asides from the qualities mentioned above, this car is also famous for its fuel efficiency and high-performance engine. The parts are readily available so it is pretty affordable to maintain.

Peugeot 508

The Peugeot 508 first hit the Nigerian market in 2015. This vehicle hit the ground running and it has become very popular since its introduction. Over the years, Peugeot has added new features to the 508 to refine it further and make it one of the top family vehicles around.

The Peugeot 508 is fuel efficient, doesn’t cost much to maintain, and is pretty affordable to purchase. It has a smooth-running, high-performance engine. This car is great for both intra- and inter-city movement. It is very comfortable and roomy enough to carry 5 passengers. This vehicle is one of the most attractive of all the Peugeot vehicles on Nigerian roads.

Peugeot 307

The Peugeot 307 is one of the most compact family cars you will find on Nigerian roads. It is Peugeot’s upgrade of the 306 and has been around for a fairly long time. There are several things to love about the 307 including its smooth handling, attractive design, comfortable interior, large cargo space, and high performance.

The exterior of this vehicle is quite stylish even though it seems to retain a conservative design. It comes with a very powerful engine that makes this car suitable for Nigerian roads. The 307 might look small but it is very rugged and can generate a torque of 147 Nm. There are very few complaints about this vehicle’s durability and maintenance. Its fuel economy is top-notch as well.

Peugeot 206

The French car manufacturing giant introduced the 206 in 1998. While this car is pretty small, it displays incredible balance and smooth handling. Because of these reasons and more, it has gained the favor of several car enthusiasts within and out of Nigeria.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the Peugeot 206 is one of the top-selling vehicles ever from this company. It features large bold curves and sweeping angels. It may be small but one can see how much work the designers put into creating this masterpiece. The 206 is very affordable, presents low maintenance costs, and has great fuel economy.

Peugeot 407

The Peugeot 407 is an attractive vehicle. One look at it and you would fall in love, especially if you like a hybrid of a sedan and sports car. Peugeot found a way to merge both designs into one with the 407.

The Peugeot 407 is not just looks, it also presents high performance while being a low maintenance vehicle. It comes with a very comfortable cabin that is larger than what you have in its predecessor, the 406. There are three different body types including the coupe, sedan, and wagon. They are all elegant, present great balance, and have smooth lines running from head to tail.

peugeot cars prices in nigeria

Why Nigerians Love Peugeot Vehicles

It is no secret that Peugeot is very popular in Nigeria. This section looks at why Nigerians love to purchase Peugeot vehicles so much. Check out some of these reasons below:


Nigerian roads aren’t exactly great so you need a car that is durable to avoid changing cars every six months. Thankfully, Nigerians have found such a car in Peugeot vehicles. Even the government understands this and has used Peugeot cars as part of their convoys for several decades. You will still find several old model Peugeot cars on our roads today. That’s how durable these cars are.

Easy maintenance

It is a known fact that buying a car is just one step of the journey. With the wrong vehicle, you may end up spending a fortune on maintenance. Nobody wants to suffer this which is why Nigerians love vehicles from Peugeot. The cars from this company are easy to maintain with the parts readily available. You don’t have to break the bank to maintain a Peugeot.


Buying a car is essential these days but many people don’t own one because they cannot afford to. The good news is that Peugeot vehicles are pretty affordable. A Nigerian-used 406, for example, can go for as low as between N600,000 and N800,000 depending on its condition. Even the newer models aren’t as expensive as vehicles from other brands in their respective classes.

Top-notch architecture

Peugeot is one of those car manufacturers that doesn’t hold back on its designs. This company is consistently serving us with top-notch car designs since its inception. Most Nigerians love Peugeot because of this particular reason.


There you have it for Peugeot cars in Nigeria. We have shown you the different popular models and why Nigerians love these cars.