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Hyundai H1 Prices in Nigeria (June 2024)

The Hyundai H1 is a bus that presents the owner with loads of advantages. It can convey between nine and twelve passengers at a time while ensuring that they are all comfortable.

This vehicle also suits a wide variety of applications, making it a pretty versatile option. You can use it for both business and leisure purposes, depending on the variant you choose. This post will look at the Hyundai H1’s current prices in Nigeria, the best and worst years, and some unique features of this vehicle.

hyundai h1 price in nigeria

Hyundai H1 Prices in Nigeria by Model Year

One of the main advantages of the Hyundai H1 is that it offers a mix of style and versatility. This vehicle is pretty functional, especially since it has sufficient cargo and cabin space. Over the years, Hyundai has introduced different models of the H1 with lots of adjustments and upgrades. This section looks at current Hyundai H1 prices in Nigeria.

Hyundai H1 2020 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Hyundai H1: From N16,500,000

Hyundai H1 2016 Prices in Nigeria

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N6,000,000

Hyundai H1 2013 Prices in Nigeria

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N3,500,000

Hyundai H1 2010 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Hyundai H1: From N4,500,000

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N2,700,000

Hyundai H1 2009 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Hyundai H1: From N4,800,000

Hyundai H1 2008 Prices in Nigeria

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N1,700,000

Hyundai H1 2007 Prices in Nigeria

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N1,950,000

Hyundai H1 2006 Prices in Nigeria

  • Locally-used Hyundai H1: From N1,800,000

Hyundai H1 2005 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Hyundai H1: From N2,950,000

Hyundai H1 2000 Prices in Nigeria

  • Foreign-used Hyundai H1: From N2,900,000

The Best and Worst Hyundai H1 Year Makes

Since its first introduction, the Hyundai H1 has undergone so much remodeling with the company improving the vehicle’s interior, handling, and overall driving performance. This vehicle is regarded as highly reliable by both car experts and customers. When you check reviews, it seems like there are only praises for this vehicle. Because of this, it is pretty difficult to choose the best and worst Hyundai H1 year makes, despite the vehicle being around for over two decades.

Every driver that seeks a new vehicle should first find out the best and worst years. This piece of information ensures that you don’t pick vehicle models that could stress you with maintenance issues after a few months of use. Even if you cannot access such information, you should find out the common problems of the vehicle. With this information, you know exactly what you are going into when buying the vehicle.

We have helped you to gather the most common problems that you may experience with the Hyundai H1 below:

Engine issues

A car’s engine is also regarded as its heart. Without the engine, the car is only a chassis that cannot achieve its potential. When the engine malfunctions, the car owner faces a high level of frustration. It is no secret that Hyundai equipped the H1 with a very powerful high-performance engine. But over the years, customers have noticed a few challenges with this part of the vehicle. Some of the challenges experienced include:

  • Engine stalling.

  • Unusual ticking noises.

  • Engine seizing or cutting out.

These issues aren’t peculiar to the H1, they are also existent in other Hyundai products, especially the 2011 and 2012 Sonata models. When you notice any issues with your Hyundai H1’s engine, we suggest that you reach out to an efficient mechanic immediately. Leaving such problems for long periods can result in severe damage to the engine.

ABS problems

The ABS systems of Hyundai vehicles, including the H1, have experienced challenges over the years. One of the most common of these issues is a fire starting from this part of the vehicle. The main causes of these fires have been corrosion and liquid leaks within the ABS. When water leaks, it could result in electrical short-circuiting which can lead to sparks. Such sparks can result in fires, regardless of whether the vehicle is on or off.

Automatic transmission issues

Transmission issues are always costly to handle. This is probably why most drivers prefer to avoid Hyundai vehicles altogether since it is pretty common with this brand. The most common challenge is gear slippage or slow acceleration. Either way, it could be fatal if one is driving on a highway. When you notice that your H1 is developing transmission issues, we suggest that you speak to your mechanic immediately.

Unique Features of Hyundai H1

The Hyundai H1 is a very impressive vehicle that is great for families, companies, or transport companies. This vehicle has a very strong reputation because of its reliability. The question most people ask is, what is special about the Hyundai H1? This section looks at some of the unique features of this vehicle.

High-performing engine

If you ever take time to look at the specifications of this vehicle, you will agree that the engine packs so much power. Hyundai has infused the H1’s engine with the most exciting power figures for a bus. The 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine comes with 441 Nm torque, which is higher than what is obtainable from other buses in the same category. This vehicle’s engine easily outshines other buses from some of the top auto manufacturers in the world.

Ninth seat

One of the main advantages of buying a bus is extra space to accommodate more passengers. The Hyundai H1 has a secret power, it comes with an extra ninth seat placed in front. You can fold this seat when it is not in use so that it acts as a storage space for a briefcase or handbag.

Large boot

Most owners of buses in the same category as the H1 complain of boot space. Interestingly, the Hyundai H1 has very large cargo space. The boot of this vehicle has an 842-liter capacity, making it perfect for airport shuttles and family trips.


There you have it for Hyundai H1 prices in Nigeria. This post has shown you the common problems with the Hyundai H1 and some unique features of this vehicle.